Lot 18

Chi Steer

​Lot 41

​Birth Date: 3/11

Sire: Fair & Square

Dam: Chill Factor son

Lot 34

​​We have been breeding steers over 50 years and this guy might be the best smoke steer we have ever raised. He is exceptional on the move, he really reaches out off his front 1/3 and flexes on his back two legs. His is thick down his top and explodes out through his hip. This steer is super clean fronted and long necked. This steer willfind his way to the top on more then one action. He sells September 19th at 2:00. 

Everyone likes a socked steer. This steer is a fair and square and that bull is the most consistent bull we have ever used. His ¾ brother was fourth overall at Kosciusko County fair.  He is sound, big middled, and super smooth shoulder. Don’t let this steer slip by. ​​

​Here is an opportunity to add one of our best cows to your herd. This one oak daughter is out of a dream on cow. This heifer is super sharp from the side and has tons of body. She floats across the pasture when she gets out on themove. The heifer will tare it up in the cross bred class as a baby and as she matures, she will make a great chi heifer. ​​

Chi Heifer​

​Lot 18

​Birth Date: 6/18

Sire: 1 OAK

Dam: Dream On Son

She is a In God We Trust, You can travel along ways and not find a heifer as stout and sound as this one. She is super sound long bodied and super sharp. This chi heifer will not get lost in the show ring.​​

Chi Sim Solution

​Lot 20

​Birth Date: 4/10

Sire: Harder Broker T220

Dam: Hairy Baer

Lot 33

Full Sisster to Harker Broker T220

Lot 16

This steer has been my favorite ever since he was born. He has a perfect set to his back legs. He is super sound with a soft back pastern. He is long bodied, a ton of power down his top and through his hip. Once he gets his head cocked out, he is super long necked and square off all four corners. Don’t miss this guy. Fair and square has done a great job for us.

Lot 20

Chi Steer

Lot 34​

​Birth Date: 4/1

Sire:  Fair and Square

Dam: Dream On Son

Chi Heifer​

​Lot 16

​Birth Date: 4/27

Sire: Fair And Square

Dam: Dream On Son

The last time I had a Dr. who steer this good Jeff Miller bought him 20 years ago. Some things never change. This steer is super long neck, square on all four corners, and super stout from behind.  He is deep bodied and moves free and easy. Don’t let his size fool you this steer will grow and be a great fat. 

Lot 41

This heifer is out of Fair and Square. She is are first heifer out of fair and square and she is coming on like a freight train. She is deep bodied, smoothed shoulder, and long necked. This heifer is flat jointed and has extra flex in her joints. Her mother is one of are best cows. Her full brother was sold to Kansas for 4000 after not selling in our sale. This just gets better with age. Don’t overlook this heifer.  ​​

Chi Heifer​

​Lot 21

​Birth Date: 4/10

Sire: In God We Trust

Dam: Dream On Son

Chi Steer

Lot 32

​Birth Date: 3/7

Sire: In God We Trust

Dam: I 80 Son

Laudeman Family Your Choice Club Calf Sale

September 19th At The Farm At 2 P.M.


This Cow has brood cow written all over her. She is out of our herd bull Harker Broker T220. He is a full brother to Triple Crown Winning Heifer JS Black Satin 9B (BOOTS). She is super deep bodied, stout, and sound.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add some cow power to your herd on September 19th.​​

Maine Steer​

​Lot 33

​Birth Date: 4/9

Sire: Dr Who

Dam: Steer force son

Lot 43

Lot 44

Chi Steer​

​Lot 43

​Birth Date: 3/11

Sire: Fair and Square

Dam: Dream On Son

Lot 32

If you like your steer with a lot of rib, look no further. This In God We Trust steer has all the pieces to be a great fat steer. He is super sound, stout, and has a great look. He will hang a lot of blue ribbons. Don’t let this great prospect slip by.

Lot 21

If you like them super complete and stout look no farther. He is a lot like his half-brother. He is long bodied, ton of power down his top and through his hip. He has tons of depth and rib shape. He is super extended through his front 1/3. When he gets out on the move he floats across the pasture. Don’t miss out on this great fat steer prospect he will not disappoint.​​

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Chi Steer​

​Lot 44

​Birth Date: 3/27

Sire: In God We Trust

Dam: Believe In me